On May 16th, 2012, First Lady Cheryl Landrieu launched Girl Up NOLA, an initiative designed to promote the importance of girls to the City of New Orleans and the rest of the world. Inspired by her experiences as a wife, mother, lawyer, and First Lady of the City of New Orleans, Cheryl envisions an initiative that will bring attention to the value of girls in our communities by encouraging girls to create and pursue positive opportunities and offer support as they work to achieve successful futures.


The future of New Orleans depends upon the development and growth of the next generation of young women. Girl Up NOLA is committed to the belief that all girls deserve respect, opportunity, and every chance to succeed.


Led by New Orleans – First Lady Cheryl Landrieu, the Girl Up NOLA initiative promotes the importance of all girls and young women to the City of New Orleans and to the world. By generating inspiration, building connections with positive role models, and increasing access to opportunities and resources within their own communities and beyond, Girl Up NOLA provides a platform for young women to further their own goals. Girl Up NOLA seeks to empower girls to play an active role in their own personal development and to assist them in navigating the pathways to a successful future.